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Life is simple. Simply, the meaning of life is to live. In living we are free to choose how we do so — which then leads into a frame of personal accountability, that we as individuals are responsible for the meaning we apply to our own life. Meaning is self attributed (or group attributed if you so desire), as it is in the heart of the beholder. Meaning is proactively applied or passively accepted. Why not define your own meaning, self determine your purpose and lead your spirit to human action of these outcomes. Why be a leaf on a river when you can be a jet boat.

The simplicity of life is beautiful. With every breath we get to choose how we express the contents of our spirit. Our spirit is boundless and is not contained within flesh and bones, for these are merely the vehicle to which our spirit expresses itself in the physical plane. Our spirit soars higher than the material world allows, for it is not restrained to the limits of magnitude. Fly like Icarus without the fate-embedded hubris, and transgress the self-imposed parameters that may inhibit your spirit.

So, if life is simple, then why the complexity?

Simply, from an individual perspective, the complexity stems from an insidious lack of accountability of one’s life, blended with a high level of self-absorption. The ego holds tightly to notions of the ‘I’ and the ‘Me’ and absolves itself of blame — for life seems easier when you’re a victim, a passenger, a leaf on a river. These two principles form the fundamental basis of many an individual’s ills in life, particularly when reinforced through the continued conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns that govern them. In terms of accountability, owning up to the truth, that everything in life is a choice is soul-quenchingly liberating, as is the detachment from the absorption of self. Many more words on these two principles could flow, and probably will do in future manifestations of this man’s ponderings.

From a collective perspective, then the complexity stems from the arrogance and privilege of our species. Complexity created by a collective mind at odds with itself — unaccepting of the life that is, floating in the divergent space between reality and expectation. A special arrogance, that we believe that we are the centre of the universe, and that we do not need to act, for it is our birthright to receive — a species governed by entitled beliefs. Entitled, that we fooled ourselves into believing that God/s made us in his/her image, blindly believing so, instead of questioning the authors of theological scriptures, “did we not create God in our own image?” Either or, does it really matter? for the clay being that gained sentience long ago, was at a time immaterial to now. So could it be, or is it so, that purpose and meaning are a blank canvas — a Lockean tabula rasa ripe for the self-authoring of an epic worthy of more than a Gilgamesh.

Whether seen or unseen, every action, every reaction, every success and every failure is a choice and a decision we’ve exercised. Where we are today is a tapestry of the decisions that we’ve made over the course of our lifetime. If we have made deliberate choices and weaved a tapestry of our making, then we have lived life by our design. If we have not, then we have lived a life by another’s. Or in a world of shades, then varying degrees of both.

Life is simple. So why not choose a life worth living or a life you deem worth living and act on it. And if you do not know where to start, then find that which makes you come alive, that which sparks your curiosity and drives your happiness — and like Rick Moranis, just do it.

Side note: One of Rick’s more little-known titanic achievements was the coining of the iconic slogan “Just Do It” for Nike, to which advertising executive Dan Wiedman brazenly took all the credit for (Disclaimer: this may not have happened). Regardless, shout outs to Rick Moranis, a Titan amongst Promethean clay figurines.

And if you still do not know where to start, then here are some further Sunday ponderings on the simplicity of life and the pursuit of a life worth living:

  • Emotional mastery is a choice as is self-mastery.
  • Life is short for a mayfly, and yet an eternity for a human. Relativity is a wonderful model to put life in perspective.
  • Ensure that the quality of your thoughts are of the highest order. Everything that we experience in life happens in our heads.
  • A lot happens within our head. We experience reality, we daydream, we create fantasies and illusions. Ensure you know the difference between them.
  • The general universe is indifferent to your existence. That’s the truth. Regardless, your universe matters. There are people, animals, flora and fauna within your sphere that have been, are, and will be moved like heavenly bodies by your gravity. So create a meaningful universe that nourishes you and those around you.
  • Life isn’t difficult, though how you frame and respond to it may seem so.
  • Love yourself more than you love other people’s opinions of you.
  • The greatest journey in love is that within yourself. You will come to love many people in your life, and yet the love within yourself will determine how you love beyond yourself.
  • Use your language wisely. You program yourself everyday through your communication internally and externally. Learn, and educate yourself on how to communicate effectively.
  • Happiness is a choice if you choose. Simple. You get to choose happiness every moment of every day. Or you can choose to outsource your happiness to external agents i.e. your partner, the weather, your dog or cat. Either or, whatever works for you.
  • There are no good or bad days. There is just a day, and you get to choose the label you apply to it. The more you apply the label, the more you encode it within your programming.
  • There are standards all around us: societal, parental, cultural, relationship and personal. Make sure that if you live by them, that you agree and align with them.
  • Everything that happens in your life comes down to the choices you’ve made. Own them, or don’t — your choice.
  • Why be a leaf on a river when you can be a jet boat.
  • Why be a passenger when you can drive.

Tally ho for now.



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